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Rahul Neelakantan

Lead Developer

About Me

My name is Rahul Neelakantan. I currently work in a Consulting company and have 10+ years of programming experience. I've worked on numerous automation projects, mostly related to Survey Generation, Customer Screening, i.e., Market Research & Banking domains.

Have predominantly worked on projects related to Spring Boot, Java, and ReactJS technologies. I've worked in multiple roles like Developer, solution designer, and team lead.

I have varied knowledge in the technical domains, i.e., Web/Desktop development, Microservice architecture, Micro front ends, and Artificial Intelligence.

I'm a programming enthusiast; whenever I find time, I keep myself updated with the latest technologies and participate in programming contests like Codeforces, TopCoder, Codechef, etc.

I'm a full-stack developer with the capability to build software from initial design to completion. I love giving instructions to a machine and making the machine do all the work 🙂.


Experience Summary

  • Working as a Lead Developer where I'm managing a team of 4 developers. My role is to develop software alongside managing a team of developers. My part was to do high-level design and break down complex processes into smaller meaningful chunks so that the team could develop them quickly. In addition, I would help them whenever they needed me.
  • I Have a good experience with Microservices and know the advantages and disadvantages firsthand as I've developed & maintained them in production with Message queuing, Distributed tracing, and integration testing.
  • I primarily work with Spring Boot & Java for the backend services and APIs that need to be created. And have had a fair share of requirements where microservices I've built need to handle the heavy load of millions of requests on the fly.
  • Have good experience deploying microservices to OpenShift, built on Kubernetes. Have worked with building pipelines in Jenkins & Azure DevOps.
  • I Have also worked on Web UI with ReactJS and NextJS. And have good experience with NodeJS programming.

Area Of Expertise

  • Java & Spring Boot
  • Microservices
  • RabbitMQ
  • Algorithms & Data Structures
  • Azure Cloud Platform
  • OpenShift Platform
  • Terraform
  • Testing - JUnit, Mockito, JMeter
  • Continous Integration & Continous Deployment - Jenkins, Azure DevOps

Industry Expertise

  • Market Research (Kantar)
  • Banking (Danske)

Feel free to contact me for any queries at [email protected]